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Here’s How You Can Watch A 3-Hour Version Of The ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Shirtless Football Scene

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Sure, I was a fan of Top Gun: Maverick.

Paramount Pictures

The dare devil flying, the reunion of Maverick and Iceman, getting to know Goose’s son — the dudes on the beach shirtless and sweaty.

Thanks to a little Christmas present from Paramount+, we can now watch a 3-hour loop of that football, sweaty shirtless aviators, fun on the beach scene, and I love it.

Top Gun: Maverick just dropped onto Paramount+ — and you best bet I was first in line to stream it.

Paramount Pictures

To celebrate the addition of the Top Gun sequel to their lineup, they dropped a little bonus material for us all to enjoy.

Paramount Pictures

That bonus material comes in the form of a video that stretches out just over the 3-hour mark, and it’s glorious.

Paramount Pictures

Perhaps the best part (okay, there were a LOT of best parts) of the film was when the aviators took that break from work to do a little bonding on the beach.

Paramount Pictures

Shirtless on the beach. With more beautiful sweaty muscles than I will ever see IRL.

I just have the video streaming in the background while I go about my business of cleaning the house and working. LOL!

Paramount Pictures

If you haven’t yet had a chance to catch Top Gun: Maverick, you MUST get on that ride now.

Paramount Pictures

You can catch Top Gun: Maverick, the film on Paramount+.

Paramount Pictures

Head on over to YouTube for the 3-hour version of the gorgeous beach scene.

Or, since we love you so much, you can watch it below.

You’re welcome.

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