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WiP Wednesday #3

15046 / 65000 words. 23% done!wip-wednesday

Oh Snap!  Look at me! I hit the 15k word mark, and let’s face it, that just makes me a total pimp, right? I have been hard at work with good ‘ol Sketch McGee, and I love the twist the story has taken. Her super power has become more than just drawing the future… I can’t tell you more because that would totally ruin it, but let me just say that it’s totally coolness.

It’s hard to write it because I love it so much that I want to be editing it, not just getting it onto paper for the first time. I keep telling myself to enjoy the climb. (Oh, yeah… I just quoted Miley Cyrus… you got a problem with that?) But I am dying to read thos story and see how it comes out!

I know… how silly is that? I mean, of course I should know how the story ends, and right now I think that I do. (I actually do have a sort of an outline this time.) But, I have no idea what sorts of twists and turns this crazy adventure will take. In fact, I am excited to think it might just take some cool ones that I don’t even know about yet!

Wow I need this swingset!
A book that influenced me? That's easy.