A Veterinary Clinic Rescued A Rare Golden Possum and People Say They Found A Real Life Pikachu

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Let’s face it, Pikachu is ADORABLE. I would love to have one as a pet. But just like unicorns and dragons, Pikachus supposedly don’t ACTUALLY exist. Until now.

Boronia Veterinary Clinic And Animal Hospital

Say hello to the Golden Possum. Ok, so he’s not exactly like Pikachu, but it’s close enough for me! It’s SO adorable!

 Boronia Veterinary Clinic And Animal Hospital

The most adorable baby possum was found in Australia and upon further investigation, the internet is convinced he’s a Pikachu. With no disguise.

A rescuer in Melbourne brought the orphan possum to the Boronia Veterinary Clinic. It turns out, the golden color occurs due to a mutation that causes a low level of the pigment melanin, which gives them their normal color.


The best part? There’s more golden possums in the world. They’re just hard to find! (a rare if you will). Maybe they’re waiting on their Pokemon trainer to come along?

Boronia Veterinary Clinic And Animal Hospital

The standard color for a brushtail possum is brown. But have less common color variations like this special yellow possum.

There are other possums with this same color mutation around, but they are much less common in the wild because their bright color makes them an easier target for predators.


Caroline Dazey from the non-profit Wildlife Victoria said that there are more golden possums found in the state, especially on Melbourne’s fringes.

“We do get calls about them, there are little pockets of them in Victoria.” However, the volunteers keep their location secret in order to keep them safe.


All I know is that I volunteer as tribute if they need anyone to help look out for these little guys. They are So stinking cute. Please tell me we’ll find a real life Eevee next!


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