Aldi Has A Melting Snowman Hot Cocoa Bomb and I Need One in My Stocking

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Similar to the three tier snowmen that melt on a sunny morning after snowfall, Aldi chains are selling something similar for your hot cup of coffee in the morning. 

Introducing the melting snowman hot cocoa bomb by Choceur! 

Courtesy of Aldi

Just like a regular hot cocoa bomb that seeps in hot milk, this melting snowman turns milk into white chocolate rather than the o.g. milk chocolate hot cocoa bomb that spills powder in your mug. 

Courtesy of @jac_cookiecuts

Spewing marshmallows and dark chocolate drops, this snowman will loose his button eyes, and carrot nose in your hot cup before you. 

Stocked in Aldi store shelves, sit and enjoy a warm white chocolate cup for just $2 this holiday season! 

Courtesy of Aldi

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  1. I can’t find this item in our aldis . No melting snowman at the butler pa store, so disappointed.

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