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TeespringI once almost accidentally volunteered to be in charge of shirts at my kid’s elementary school.

The way I originally got asked was, “Hey– do you want to design the school shirt for next year?”

“Sounds like fun.” I mean, why the heck not, that’s easy enough, right? I like making pretty things, and I would have to spend hours and hours of my time doing it.

The next day, I met with the school shirt design volunteer from last year. She had a three ring binder the same size as a college textbook, the front was labeled “T-Shirt Design,” That couldn’t be for me. I mean, all I have to do is come up with a design and then the kids will have a cool shirt to wear on spirit days for the year.

Then she opened the binder and I realized that I wasn’t just in charge of designing the shirt, I was also being asked to distribute them! That meant when the hundreds of shirts were ready, some random company was going to ship them to my house in big boxes, I then would go through the piles and piles of shirt orders, figure out what child got which shirt, and what class they were in. I then had to go to the school, deliver them all to the classrooms, and watch for any stray orders that came in after the initial round of shirts went out, collect those, see if I had shirts to fill those orders and go back to the school for distribution.

Did you stop reading that last paragraph because it seemed like too much work to even get through? Yeah, I don’t blame you. And I am so glad I turned down that volunteer position! Sure, it’s a great fundraiser for my child’s PTA, and I am glad they have things like that to make some extra money for the kids to do fun stuff. But there had to be an easier way, right?

Well, there is. Check out Teespring.


Basically it’s a company that lets you design a shirt to raise money for whatever you’re cause is, they take care of ALL the distribution, there are no upfront costs to you, and everyone gets your super cool shirts at a reasonable price, you fundraising goals are met– and you don’t have to spend hours and hours of time handling everything because Teespring does it all for you.

So, next time you get asked to help out with a fundraiser, or you’re just throwing one all on your own– Teespring is the way to go for awesome shirts.


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