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Bath And Body Works Has Body Lotions On Sale For $3.25 Today And They Can Just Take All My Money

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Y’all. I just got back from Bath and Body Works, and the line was out the door!

Why you might ask? Because MOST of their body lotions are $3.25, TODAY ONLY!! Gah! That is like $10 off!!

Courtesy of Bath and Body Works

Yes, I stocked up! I don’t even really have a plan for them, but you can’t beat $3.25, and Christmas is going to be here in a little more than 6 weeks!!

You KNOW there is always somebody you accidentally miss on your Christmas shopping list – OR – maybe you have a work party coming up, and you need a quick gift. BINGO!!

You have a lotion waiting in the wings!!


The other cool thing is that you can get a cellophane bag and ribbon for FREE when you purchase anything — so, instant wrapping!

Courtesy of Bath and Body Works

This couldn’t be easier of more convienent. You have to get down to your local Bath and Body Works, TODAY!! This sale will be GONE when the store closes tonight.

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