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Popeyes Is Coming Out With A Fish Sandwich That Rivals Their Famous Chicken Sandwich

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Popeyes is coming out with a fish sandwich, and I bet it’s going to be just as popular as their famous chicken sandwich!


Have y’all tried the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich?

I will admit, I’m normally a Chick-fil-A purist, but that Popeyes Chicken Sandwich — which dang near broke the internet — is pretty darn tasty!


Well, NOW Popeyes has decided to bring out a FISH version of their super popular sandwich, and people everywhere just grabbed their wallets and headed for the car.

It’s only going to be here for a limited time, so I can imagine the lines at the Popeyes locations are going to rival those that happened around the release of the chicken sandwich!

This new fish sandwich is going to be a flaky flounder filet, served on a brioche bun, with pickles on top to make it even better!!

Now, don’t worry. They are bringing out this sandwich NATIONWIDE starting on Thursday, and I can already guarantee you that my husband is going to want this sandwich for supper!!

The fish sandwich is sold at $4.49 a pop, a slight premium to the $3.99 chicken sandwich.

CNN Business

Just go ahead and take ALL my money, right?!?

If you remember, when Popeyes brought out their chicken sandwich back in 2019, it sold out at every location pretty much right away.


It wasn’t available for quite awhile, while the restaurant chain tried to replenish their stock.

I’m HOPING this same thing doesn’t happen with the fish sandwich, but if it’s just as good — which I’m fully expecting — you may want to get in line when the store OPENS on Thursday.


I’d hate for anyone to miss out on this tasty deal!!


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