Betty Crocker Just Released an Entire Reese’s Baking Line So Now You Can Eat Candy for Breakfast

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Typically we eat dessert after dinner, but who’s to say we can’t start with something sweet?

Thanks to Betty Crocker, we have another reason to eat candy for breakfast and not just on Christmas.

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Dubbed their Reese’s baking mixes, you can sizzle a fluffy stack from their peanut butter pancake kit that can even be turned into waffles, if you prefer.

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Just don’t be fooled and accidentally pour over milk rather than syrup because these breakfast mixes, taste exactly like the Reese’s Puffs cereal.

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However, if you’d rather save the sweets until after dinner, Betty Crocker has also released a several sweet treats that will satisfy any nagging sweet tooth.

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Featuring Reese’s Pieces Cookie Mix, Reese’s Coffee Cake Mix, and finally Reese’s Brownie Mix, don’t blame us if you have trouble picking which pack to bake in the oven first.

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You can also count on each box to be made with real Reese’s peanut butter chips for that added peanut butter flavor!

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And the best part, other than Reese’s flavored breakfast mixes and homemade sweet treats, the entire Reese’s line is currently out in grocery stores now!

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Just stop in on the bakery aisle, and look for the bright orange boxes!

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