My Boss the Kitty

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I have really cool boss. She lets me work from home, doesn’t give me crap when I work my own way, and I just have a fun job in general.

(I work marketing for a national brand, in case you’re wondering.)

Well, the other day she skypes me from the office. No problem– when you work from home, you need to be willing to video chat at a moment’s notice. So I popped up the video, and there she was…


Yeah, somehow her computer turned her into a cat.

… at least it’s not an alien. 🙂

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  1. Wow! I’d be scared if I were her . . . I mean, it’s definitely a sign that her computer is attempting to take over the world . . . or at least her life. The choice of a cute kitten . . . something sweet and non threatening . . . is only meant to distract everyone from realizing the evil plot. 😉

  2. LOL! That’s AWEsome! How did she do that, I wonder? Did you ask her about it and have a god laugh, or did you just pretend nothing unusual was going on?