You Can Get Box Filled With Rosé Wine And White Cheddar Cheez-Its and My Life Is Now Complete

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Cheese and Wine is a classic duo to a romantic night don’t you think?

I prefer Strawberry Red Wine by Barefoot and a sharp Swiss cheese.

But what if I told you could purchase both items, but in the same box. I know what you’re thinking “huh??!”

That’s right, a popular snack and a well known wine company has made it conveniently easier to shop for date night. They’ve combined two items that will for sure end with a kiss at the end of your night, if purchased in the beginning of your evening.


Last year, Cheez-It and House Wine combined they’re products to make one box filled with half wine and half Cheez-It. I mean c’mon, the creativity that went into this product is genius.

This may not be the cheese you were expecting, as I said before I prefer my cheese sharp; at least with adding Cheez-Its, you can get that salty crunch that you can’t get from regular slices of cheese.


Last year, the two companies combined original flavored Cheez-Its and Red Wine in one; this year, they are introducing the same duo box except in Rosé Wine and White Cheddar Cheez-Its!

White Cheddar is my favorite type of Cheez-It, cough cough. If anyone wants to send me a box, I wouldn’t be opposed…


The Rosé side of the box is equivalent to 4 bottles of wine, so you can stay boozy all night, drinking responsibly of course.


You can purchase your own Rosé Wine and White Cheddar box for $29.99 at OriginalHouseWine.com.

Courtesy of Cheez-It

The only upsetting news is that you have to wait about a day and a half to order it. The box will be available July 23rd, starting at 2 p.m.


With that being said, my schedule is clear at 2 on the 23rd.

Courtesy of Cheez-It

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