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This Grinch Face Mask Hilariously Reminds People Social Distance While Being Near You

Ha, this one made me laugh out loud and choke a bit on my coffee! The Grinch is so relatable sometimes! This handmade mask features The Grinch and says “Ew People” on it and is covered in cartoon style germs.


It is made with three layers so that it creates a better barrier to hopefully assist you in feeling comfortable while out and about. This one includes a pocket filter for adding PM 2.5 filter which increases the ability of this mask to filter.

Pretty much everywhere requires a face mask right now. So if you have to wear it, you might as well make it funny and send a message.

The Grinch can get your feelings across like no other. His intense eyes say stay back germy human! The best way to remind others to social distance.


This “Ew People” The Grinch mask is made in an adult size and is unisex. It is also machine washable and reusable.

I do have to say that she has another Grinch mask that I like even more. I’m a total dog person, they’re just way better than most all other things in the world. This one reads “All I need is my dog, it’s too peopley outside” and also has the cartoon style germs..


You can get both of these Grinch masks from DaynaSchillershop on Etsy for only $18.99! This would be a fantastic and unique gift for the Grinch lovers in your life!


Friday 31st of July 2020

Where are these mask made?

Diane L Greth

Sunday 26th of July 2020

love it


Wednesday 22nd of July 2020

Where can I buy the Grinch face mask?

Heather Holland

Thursday 24th of September 2020

I love this, I hardly go anywhere, I need this, please tell me where I can get one, thank you.


Wednesday 29th of July 2020

Where can I buy grinch masks