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Target Is Selling An Animated Dragon Head Door Knocker You Can Put On Your Front Door For Halloween

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You can get a creepy cool Animated Dragon Head Door Knocker to stick right on your door this Halloween.


It’s almost that time! The kids have finally started going back to school, and before we know it, Halloween will be here!

Let the Halloween decorating commence!

We will soon be able to break out all our spooky decorations, and turn out houses into the haunted mansions that we eagerly await each year!

Look what you can get to welcome all those who trick-or-treaters who dare set foot on your doorstep.


Complete the look of your party-ready space with the Animated Dragon Door Knocker Halloween Decorative Prop from Hyde & EEK! Boutique™. 


This is the most wicked cool Animated Dragon Door Knocker, and I absolutely love it!!


The focal point of this Animated Dragon Head Door Knocker are those eerie glowing red eyes that spring to life when you pull on the door knocker handle.

It also “talks” in an eerie voice that will send chills down the spines of those who pull the handle.


This Dragon Head Door Knocker has a very macabre design, with an antique gold finish that completes the creepy look.

This animated Halloween decoration features a spooky dragon head, complete with authentic face detailing, pointy horns, and large creepy eyes that give off a vibrant red glow for a chilling seasonal vibe.


This Animated Door Knocker does require batteries in order to magically come to life, but guess what — they are included!

It’s only 15 bucks, and you can get your own Animated Dragon Head Door Knocker Prop on the Target website.


Looking for even more spin-chilling decorations to make your Halloween simply over-the-top?

You can get an Animated Dragon that actually breathes fog, and totally throws off those ‘Game of Thrones’ vibes.


You also have to check out this life-sized Animated Michael Myers that can go right on your front porch. Scary!!

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