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Bud Light Is Releasing A New Ugly Sweater Christmas Pack With 3 New Flavors And I Have To Try Them

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I’ve never been big on beer, but ever since Bud Light released their seasonal seltzers, I’ve been impressed with the company!

If you haven’t seen them, the Fall Bud Light Seltzer Pack was AMAZING. They were all dressed in fall plaid and the flavor choices were AMAZING!


But now, a winter pack is coming out with three brand new flavors and I’m super excited to try them all!

Now, they released an Ugly Sweater Pack last year as well, but only ONE flavor from that pack is returning: Cranberry. The other 3 brand new flavors will be Sugar Plum, Seltzer Nog, and Cherry Cordial. YUM!

These are already being spotted in places such as Target! I am most excited about the eggnog flavor! How about you?

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