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A 6-Year-Old Boy Found A Bullet In His Bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos

OMG! I can’t believe this happened!

Seriously, if my son found something like this in his chip bag, I’d freak. Like what if he accidentally swallowed that thing?!

According to reports, a 6-year-old boy found a bullet inside his bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

News broke when his parents reached out to Frito Lay (the parent company of Cheetos) and even posted on Twitter saying:

So we found this bullet in my sons bag of Flamin’ hot Cheetos we bought yesterday! @Fritolay#FritoLay#Flaminhot#WTHChesterCheetah

I mean, you can clearly tell it’s a bullet and it looks like it has been fired…

I mean, we knew we were hot, but not bullet hot. Dang! That is a whole new level.

A spokesperson for Frito-Lay told TMZ that the company is committed to ensuring the quality and safety of its products. The rep added, “This situation is highly unusual and troubling, and we have already taken steps to investigate and attempt to identify the root cause.”

Let’s hope so!

In all seriousness, I surely hope this isn’t a regular thing. People were finding things like Shrimp Tails in their Cinnamon Toast Crunch and now this? I think companies need to be even more careful.