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You Can Get Carole Baskin Face Masks, Because Why Not?

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Hey, all you Cool Cats and Kittens! I just love that the Tiger King just keeps on giving and giving!

Carole Baskin is selling cat-inspired face masks, and I’m so tempted to get one, simply because it’s Carol Baskin.


But then, I’d be supporting her, which I’m not sure I want to do. I mean, she may have fed her dang husband to those cats!

Courtesy of Tread 365

We all know that Carole Baskin became a household name, because of the train-wreck national obsession that is Tiger King.

Her infamous feud with Joe Exotic has sparked everything from songs, to costumes, to podcasts, and now a TV series starring Nicholas Cage.


Each of these face masks is $11, and according to the Tread 365 website, they are all hand sewn in Chicago.

Courtesy of Tread 365

These are OFFICIAL Big Cat Rescue merch, as Tread 365 has partnered with Carol Baskin to bring the world these masks.

Courtesy of Big Cat Rescue on Facebook

A portion of the sales of these masks even go to support big cats — of course they do!

Courtesy of Big Cat Rescue on Facebook

Tread 365 face masks can be tied using a variety of techniques. We encourage you to select the option that is most comfortable for you while maintaining a tight, consistent fit around the face and mouth.

Tread 365
Courtesy of Tread 365

The cat face masks are a dual layer of polyester blend fabric, they are machine washable, and they are “designed to maximize coverage” over face and mouth.


If you feel the need to buy one of these masks — they ARE pretty cute! — you may do so right on the Tread 365 website.

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