CATS (The Musical) Is Becoming A Movie, And It’s The Weirdest Thing You’ve Ever Seen

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Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, Damn Judi Dench, James Cordon, Ian McKellan and Jason DeRulo are being turned into computer generated cats for a movie based on CATS

I love CATS. I’ve seen it multiple times. It’s always been a little hard to follow, but when someone gets on stage and belts out Memory, it rocks my world. Every time.

But this? It’s some sort of weird digitally transformed fur added abomination that makes these human-cat like creatures look–well, freaky.

So freaky.

(Y’all that’s Jason DeRulo. I wonder if he meows his name in all his songs…)

I just, can’t stop watching it.

The cats are weirdly small. And apparently they have dinner?

Dame Judi kind of rocks as a cat, I can’t lie about that.

It’s weird how they have like people features, but also cat features.

And then there’s Jennifer Hudson. Admittedly she KILLS MEMORY, but that whole cat thing looks SO WEIRD on her.

Girl, what?

But I would remiss if I didn’t mention the surprise kitten of them all. Taylor Swift.

Taylor. Freakin’. Swift.

I think Rebel Wilson might be the best cat of all, though.

No lie, no matter how weird this is, I am going to watch it.

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