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Target Is Giving $200 Bonuses To Frontline Employees Just In Time For The Holidays

Man, it’s a good time to be sporting that red polo and khakis that Target employees wear to work!

Way back in June — that feels like a year ago, doesn’t it? — Target announced that it was going to raise its minimum wage to $15 AND give all Target employees a $200.

Target knows that its employees have had to endure a lot, as essential employees during this dadgum pandemic. So, they are treating their own with care, compassion — and MONEY!!

Monday on the Target website, Target employees got a welcome surprise, that I’m sure made their whole week start of on a happy note.

Corporate announced that it will be giving 350,000 frontline employees a $200 bonus (again) before the holiday season gets here!

This bonus will go to all eligible hourly team members in stores and distribution centers—including seasonal hires—plus hourly team members who support Target’s guest and team member contact centers.

Target Website

Um — can I be a seasonal employee, please? Ha!

This marks the FOURTH bonus that Target has paid out to employees this year alone.

In April 20,000 team members saw a bonus up to $1,500. TWICE in July employees were granted raises — once for being a part of the team, and once for performance. NOW, they are getting that $200 bonus, and I’m a little jealous.

I joke. These employees have worked their butts off, so we can get our toilet paper, masks, cleaning supplies, and other necessities. They have shown up to work when the world was too scared to leave their houses.

Give them ALL the bonuses, I say! Good job, Target, for taking care of your own.

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