Move Over Flowers, Chicken Nugget Bouquets Are The New Gifting Trend This Valentine’s Day

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Love is in the air. Wait. That’s Chicken Nuggets. Chicken Nuggies are in the air, and you will never guess what people are doing with them. Pure genius, that’s what I say.

People are using Chicken Nuggets as the base for bouquets, and I’ve never wanted one more.

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These crafty people really know the way to my heart! Some of them have gone next level, and included dipping sauces.


McDonald’s could really jump on this bandwagon, and make a killing at Valentine’s Day! Edible Nuggie Bouquets would be the BOMB! I’d order one for MY love — and a second one for myself.


They really are quite easy to make. You just need to procure some skewers — shish kabob style — from the store.


Then you thread two or three nuggets on each skewer, leaving enough room at the bottom to hold onto them.


You could decorate the bouquets up with some Baby’s Breath flowers, some colorful tissue paper, and cellophane wrapping. Don’t forget the dipping sauces. Those are my favorite!


Some super-smart people have even added sprigs of french fries. Now THAT is some brilliant thinking, there!


You can make it as little or as boisterously loud as your little heart desires.


You can make it POP with your favorite colors, or you could keep it plain and simple — showcasing the nuggets, themselves.


Go the extra mile this Valentine’s Day, and earn your brownie — er, Chicken Nuggie — points, by taking a little time to construct one of these tasty bouquets.


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