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Chipotle Just Added Cauliflower Rice To Its Menu And I Can’t Wait To Try It

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I have a confession to make… I have only been to Chipotle a few times in my life. The reason? Ordering from there overwhelms me.

Like, if I had a set go to order then I would be fine because I wouldn’t need the menu.

Well, Chipotle just added cauliflower rice to the menu and now I have to try it! This is being offered as an alternative for the cilantro-lime rice that they offer.


Last July they did a trial launch of the cauliflower rice in Denver and Wisconsin. The response was good, so they took it to a nationwide launch today. In fact, it is available at all US and Canadian locations.


If you choose to substitute the cauliflower rice for the cilantro-lime rice, there is a $2 up-charge. I know that kind of sucks, I hate paying extra for changes.


But if you are working on eating lower carb counts, this is an easy change to add. There are only 4 net carbs in one serving of the new cauliflower rice at Chipotle. It also has the same cilantro-lime flavor as the regular white rice they serve.


The timing is perfect on their part as people have made their New Year resolutions to work on getting healthy. Chipotle has also changed its menu so that vegetarian and vegan options are easier to get.


Sadly, like all awesome things… this is only available for a limited time. So I guess if you love it, make sure they know so you can help keep this choice on the Chipotle menu!


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