You Can Get Chocolate Stuffed Halloween Marshmallows For S’mores That Are Spooky Good

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Stuffed Puffs has gone the extra mile when they created STUFFED marshmallows infused with real milk chocolate. Phew, that sounds heavenly.

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On the reg, usually you put your marshmallows in your hot chocolate. However, now that you can get chocolate already infused with marshmallows, you can eat directly from the bag to get the same great taste.

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On second thought, maybe you SHOULD put these stuffed chocolate marshmallows in your steaming cup of hot chocolate so you can get double the milk chocolate!

No matter how you make your milk chocolate, there’s no doubt these marshmallows will taste amazing as they melt in your mouth.

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Amazon is even selling two 15.88 ounce bags with 25 marshmallows in each pack sold for $20.

So. many. marshmallows. On second thought, where’s my credit card?

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Each marshmallow is individually wrapped with cute Halloween characters including pumpkins, Frankenstein, mummies and vampires.

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I can’t wait to treat myself to an entire bag of these stuffed milk chocolate marshmallows come Halloween night.

You can order your Halloween Chocolate Stuffed Marshmallows Here.

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