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You Can Listen To Chris Hemsworth Telling You ‘You’re Awesome’ For Nearly A Minute and It’s Everything I Needed Today

We all secretly admire Chris Hemsworth because who doesn’t?

Without a doubt, as a population, we’ve been put through a stressful whirlwind of events; therefore, Chris Hemsworth is here to smooth things out. 

Chris Hemsworth telling us how awesome each of us are is something I didn’t know I needed, ha!

Oh please, we all know we needed this video!

Something about Chris Hemsworth speaking directly into the camera and making eye contact, is different than any of his other acting movies I’ve seen him in.

So, if you’re stressed out and you need some feel good affirmations by the one and only Thor himself, here is exactly 51 seconds of Australlian dreaminess.

About 37 seconds into the video, Chris looks into the camera and says “you make me want to become a better man” and at that moment, my heart stopped beating.

What’s even more funny, other than Chris cursing into the camera telling us how “f***ing brilliant” we all are, is that I actually believed him!

Chris Hemsworth would never lie and I would like to personally thank you for the heartfelt message Chris.

Go ahead, watch the video, you know you want to.