Cobra Kai Season 3 Is Officially Available Today. So, Excuse Me While I Binge Watch It.

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Today is THE DAY!

No, I don’t just mean it’s January 1, 2021, a new year and all that jazz.

Far more important matters are happening – Cobra Kai Season 3 has officially launched on Netflix!! Ahhhhh!

I won’t lie, I wanted to watch it last night but it didn’t drop until 1 AM my time and I totally passed out before then.

So, I am off to binge watch it ALL DAY today!

This season is focused a lot on Johnny’s woefully out-of-touch ways and the steep learning curve he faces while trying to impress an old flame.

The teens he trains in karate even coach him on the basics of living in the 21st century.

I won’t spoil too much for you so you just have to watch it!

And by the way, early reviews or people who have binged watched it, say it’s AMAZING!!

So, stop what you’re doing and go watch Cobra Kai Season 3 streaming on Netflix now.

Oh and before you do, go grab yourself a Starbucks Cobra Kai Frappuccino to sip on while you watch!!

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