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You Can Crochet A Betty White Doll And It’s Adorable!

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We all need a friend like Betty White and now we can have that with an adorable tiny little crocheted Betty White doll!

If you’ve got the skills to crochet already, then this will be easy, if you’re just learning how to crochet, then you’ve still got this!


This amazing Betty White Doll crochet pattern was just released on January 17th, 2022 to honor Betty White’s 100th birthday.

Betty White was an iconic woman. I remember her most as Rose Nylund from The Golden Girls TV sitcom that I watched as a teenager. You would think as a teenager that watching some “old biddies” on TV would be unrelatable, but I loved them and remember the most how much I laughed at Rose’s comebacks to Dorothy’s bullying, her stories from “back in St Olaf”, and her talent for insulting Blanche with a look of complete innocence on her face.


Betty White Doll Crochet Pattern Proceeds Go To A Good Cause!

All proceeds from the sale of this Betty White crochet pattern are being donated as part of the #BettyWhiteChallenge to the creator’s local animal shelter.

How freaking awesome is that?


Now, as I look back at Betty White’s remarkable life I am inspired by a woman who not only survived, but thrived in the Hollywood industry by being herself: a kind, generous, funny, outspoken, humble woman. What I admired so much was that she never compromised who she was to attain success; she always maintained her principles and her values with a positive attitude. This wasn’t to say she was always a “good girl”, she was strong, had an attitude, was brutally honest, and knew how to put someone in their place, but always with a giggle in her voice and little twinkle in her eye!


Betty loved animals and she would be so happy with the creator of this pattern donating the profits of this pattern to a local shelter to help the animals out.

The pattern is delivered to you digitally after purchase in a PDF that you can print out at home.


This pattern has easy-to-follow instructions for experienced beginner crochet skills and comes with more than 30 photo examples to help you through the steps.


What Do You Need To Crochet A Betty White Doll?

  • Small amount of worsted weight cotton yarn in black, light skin tone, and dress and hair colours of your choice
  • 3 mm hook (UK 11, US D/3)
  • Two 10 mm (0.4 inch) safety eyes
  • Polyester fibre fill
  • Small piece of cardboard to cut about a 2″ circle or a 2″ washer
  • Embroidery thread or sewing thread
  • 45 white seed beads or 23 3mm/0.12” white pearl beads for necklace
  • Fabric glue
  • Darning needle and thin sewing needle
  • Stitch marker

What Comes With The Betty White Crochet Pattern Purchase?

  • Instant digital download .PDF – pattern only
  • Access to the pattern designer by email for assistance

Betty White Is The Cutest Crochet Doll

Once you finish crocheting your Betty White doll, she will measure about 5 inches tall and about 2 inches wide, a perfect and tiny friend.


You are allowed to sell any dolls that you make from the pattern as long as you credit the pattern maker in your sales.

You can purchase the PDF Betty White Doll Crochet Pattern from SoKnottyCrochet on Etsy for less than $5!

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