Cutest Hair in the world…

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So, I am obsessed with my kid’s hair, or at least I thought I was obsessed with it anyway, until I found the greatest little website for fixing your kid’s hair, and realized I was only sort of obsessed.

So, check it out, really, if you have a kid with way too much hair like me, it’s super fun.  I tried her woven piggies here.

Mine aren’t quite as fabulous as hers… but they look pretty good 🙂



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  1. Adorable! You did a great job on that. This is exactly why I’m glad I have a boy!

  2. She is so dang cute! My oldest son has long hair and wont let me play with it…wonder why?

  3. The down side of having only boys…no super-cute hairdos like this.

    But mohawks are kinda cool around my house!