This Dad Taught His Daughter To Change The Screws On Her Door Hinges and It Is Genius

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I have this phobia that someone is going to kick down my door while I’m asleep, and there will be nothing I can do to stop it.

There IS a trick that can make it harder for a burglar to kick in or pry open your door on the first try.

When the contractor installed your door frame, it is quite possible he used teeny tiny screws to secure the hinges on your door.

Oftentimes, the contractors will use the screws that come with the door hinge and plate when they are purchased, and those screws are simply too small.

Tiny screws make it easier for burglars to kick down the door and have full access to the house.

Now, replacing these tiny screws with good, sturdy 4-inch screws won’t insure that someone can’t kick in your door, but it will sure make it harder on them!

They are really easy to change out. You just need a screwdriver and the 4-inch screws.

Once you change them all out, you can have a bit of comfort knowing that it will be harder for someone to get in.

They will kick, and kick, and make enough racket for you to hopefully escape or get help.

If you need some good 4-inch screws, The Home Depot sells them by the box.

Don’t forget a good screwdriver to help with the job. You can also get good ones at The Home Depot.

Be safe out there!! Keep yourself as protected as possible.

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