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People Are Decorating Pineapples For The Holidays and I’m Loving The Tropical Vibes

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Traditions are meant to broken and this year, decorating pineapples rather than live trees are trend setting when it comes down to celebrating the holidays!

Courtesy of @ralfbaenecke

So move over Evergreens, pineapples are being used as holiday decor to brighten up homes and the results are better than what you might think.

Rather than eating the fruit, individuals are posting to social media and showing off their creativity by dressing up pineapples that are often stocked on grocery store shelves and throwing on lights and ornaments.

While some completely deck out their pineapples with multi-colored lights, red and white paint, Christmas ornaments, and candy canes, some keep it simple by dangling red and round ornaments on the crown of the fruit.

Besides, wrapping your pineapple in string lights versus a Christmas tree is entirely easier and less time spent dodging tree branches and sweeping pine needles up off the floor.

Courtesy of @mcbhawaiimarina

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