6 Cool DIY Newborn Picture Ideas

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While I love the whole baby-as-a-veggie or fairy or whatever, that’s just not my style. I mean, if a onesie is cheeky and makes some smart remark about the pending bad behavior of my infant, I’m much more likely to pull it out of the pile of onsies–ignoring dozens of cute flowered ones. So, I came up with these 6 Cool DIY Newborn Picture Ideas that might be a little off-beat, but are totally awesome. Conveniently, my baby came home this week to try them out, too. Heh.

DIY Newborn Picture Ideas Pin

Tips for Taking DIY Newborn Pictures

Before we get to these pictures for cool babies, I wanted to point out some good tips for taking DIY pictures of your newborn.


    • Take your time setting-up the props for the pictures while baby rests in the playpen. You don’t want to spend half an hour moving around for better light while trying to juggle baby. Get everything perfect, even take a few test shots, then add baby to the mix.


    • Keep a warm blanket near if baby is going to be nekkid in the photo. No need in her getting chilly and fussy, ruining the photo. Keep her wrapped-up until the last minute, then get her swaddled again as soon as you have the picture.


    • Feed baby before you start trying to take shots. He’s invariably going to get hungry and all red-faced in the middle of all those shutter clicks if you don’t.


    • Get a Boppy® Newborn Lounger. It’ll make half these shots so easy and keep baby comfy all the while. I’d say you could use a beanbag, but that’s too big; or you could use a pillow, but that’s too small. So, really, the Boppy Lounger is the best choice. Plus, it’s perfect for having baby a nice place to rest around the house when she’s awake and wanting to play. Win-win-win?


    • Take lots of breaks and don’t be upset if you don’t get the shot you planned for. A newborn has no idea you’re trying to get a particular look out of her. Just go with the flow.


    • One other nekkid baby tip: keep a diaper on him until just before you take the shots. Then put it right back on as quick as possible. No wee-wee on the props, hopefully.


Baby Picture Ideas Feature

6 Cool DIY Newborn Picture Ideas



    • Just Chillin’
        • For this pic, you’ll need:
            • A baby, preferably your own, or with permission from the baby’s mom. Just sayin’.


            • Boppy Lounger


            • Sunglasses of your liking, but preferably large


            • If you want to be uber-ridiculous like me, you can add a background to it in a photo editing software.






Walk in the clouds


    • First Rodeo
        • For this pic, you’ll need:
            • Un bebe


            • Some sort of rocking-horse or other giant animal, of which I happen to have two: a sheep and a triceratops. I love them both, but baby was not being cooperative and so we gave up and I got this cute photo instead.






baby asleep picture


    • Didn’t build Rome in a Day
        • For this pic, you’ll need:
            • A baby (duh)


            • Boppy Lounger


            • Wooden blocks






wooden block baby photo idea


    • Smartest Baby in Town
        • For this pic, you’ll need:
            • Your munchkin


            • Boppy Lounger


            • Your favorite kids’ book


            • Glasses


            • Something to prop-up the book at an angle so baby can read it. My little-bit wasn’t being super-easy to work with, so we weren’t able to get that shot. Instead, I ended-up with this really cute view of her with her eyes open.






Peek-a-boo Baby photo


    • Classic Baby Toes
        • For this pic, you’ll need:
            • The tiny


            • Boppy Lounger


            • Adorable set of feet


            • OMG. These are so awesome.






Baby feet picture idea


    • Player 3 has Entered the Game
        • For this pic, you’ll need:
            • Baby-wabby


            • Boppy Lounger


            • A game controller


            • A can of soda


            • A really cute onsie that says “Player 3 has Entered the Game” if you can swing it. I got this as a gift, so I don’t even know where to send you to find one. LOL!






Baby in photos with game controller

Once you’ve got baby home, the fun can really begin. There’s nothing like taking photos and building memories of the awesome first days with your itty-bitty. My favorite prop for taking newborn photos? The Boppy® Newborn Lounger. It’s been designed with a unique recessed bottom perfect for a newborn to settle. It also has a handle and, when combined with it’s lightweight design, it makes it easy to take with baby anywhere. And because the Boppy Lounger has easy-clean fabric that only requires a simple wipe after an oops, even if piddles happen, there’s no tragedy. To learn more about the Boppy Newborn Lounger, check out this video, or find them on the web, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or YouTube. You can find it at BuyBuy Baby or Babies R Us!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Boppy via Burst Media. The opinions and text are all mine.

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