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This Dollar Store Hack For Making A DIY Plant Propagation Station Is Pure Genius

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If you love plants, this is the hack for you!

Plant propagation is what the process is called where you grow new plants from cuttings of other plants, seeds, etc.

If you already have plants, this is how you can take bits of them to create more plants.

Some people do this so that they can sell plants, or share plants as gifts for friends and family, or simply because they love plants and want more!

My mom does this all of the time, she always has a jar with a part of a plant in it so that it can grow roots… then she places them in their own pot once ready.

I came across an amazing idea for a plant propagation station on Facebook that is pretty as well as space-saving!

Stephanie Reed Maxwell – Facebook

The person that posted the idea simply used salt and pepper shakers that they found at the Dollar Tree, and some 3M command strips with the velcro.

Stephanie Reed Maxwell – Facebook

She placed one side of the command strips just inside her window frame and then the other side of the command strip on the salt and pepper shakers.

Then she added a little water and her plant cuttings to the salt and pepper shakers, it’s super cute and functional!

Stephanie Reed Maxwell – Facebook

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