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Dog The Bounty Hunter Is Adding A $10K Reward For Brian Laundrie’s Arrest

Oh man, looks like even Dog The Bounty Hunter is getting desperate to find Brian Laundrie…


A few days ago Dog mentioned in an interview that he was close to finding Brian Laundrie and he was “closing in on his location”.


Well, it’s been two days and no word on Brian Laundrie’s arrest. So, as of today – Dog is upping the game by adding a $10,000 reward that leads to Brian Laundrie’s arrest.

A representative for Dog the Bounty Hunter told TMZ that Dog and his team are adding $10,000 to the standing reward to try to help bring Brian in and provide closure for Gabby’s family.


Prior to Dog’s donation, the reward money sat at $170,000 which comes from donations by private individuals supporting the Petito family.

So, as of right now, there is a $180,000 reward for someone who finds or leads to Brian Laundrie.