Are We Going To Talk About Kanye’s Strange Performance Where Kim Showed Up Wearing Her Wedding Dress?

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This was surely something strange to wake up to…

So, if you have been paying attention to the Kardashian clan, you know that Kim and Kanye are divorcing.

Kim Kardashian

When news first broke, it was announced that Kim and Kanye were not on speaking terms but then all of a sudden starting hanging out – alone without their 4 children.

Kim Kardashian

And now, Kim showed up to Kanye’s most recent ‘Donda’ Event wearing her old wedding dress and it literally has people confused.

Apple Music

Like, what is going on here?

Some say that Kanye and Kim seemed to have gotten remarried.

Others are calling it “art” and saying they did it in tribute to Kanye’s late mother since she wasn’t able to attend their wedding.

And of course, so many believe these two never really got divorced and was doing it all to help Kanye’s album. I mean, that wouldn’t be the first time the Kardashians did something for show.

So, what do you think? Are Kim and Kanye back together?

No matter the reasoning, you have to admit, this was a strange performance.

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