Drive-In Movie Theaters Are Making A Comeback And I Am So Excited

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I LOVE Drive-In Movie Theaters. We have one in our town that I used to live right by and would love going! There’s something so nostalgic about it that just makes it special in it’s own unique way.

With the way the world is right now, simply going to a movie theater isn’t an option. And Netflix binging can only go so far before you just need to go somewhere. So it’s only fitting that drive-in movie theaters get their comeback!

Outdoor cinema venues have been popping up all over the U.S. recently.

Small business owners have even been reopening old drive-ins and building make-shift theaters in parking lots and showing old movies to customers to make up for lost income.


“As soon as the whole pandemic news started, we started trying to figure out what the future holds for us,” “As we saw business declining, we started coming up with more ideas to generate revenue. This was one of the ideas presented by our staff, so we pursued it.”

Eddie Bernal, a miami small business owner told CNN Business on Friday.

Bernal said his new business sold out to drive-in crowds on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. He said the parking lot his company is using holds 175 vehicles and customers desperate to get out of the house spent $30 per automobile to purchase all available tickets online within hours of them going on sale earlier this week.


Food truck vendors selling burgers, hotdogs and sushi have been brought in to bring food to customers’ vehicles while they watch their outdoor films.”People just want to get out there, watch a movie, laugh together and eat some food,” Bernal said.


Another small business owner from California, Kal Dellaportas, had a similar experience. “The first time we put tickets up, which was for The Sandlot, tickets sold out in three minutes and there was over 500 attempts in those three minutes to buy tickets online,” he told CNN Business on Friday.


He stated that they have had so much business that he has be able to ever re-hire all of his original staff that he originally had to let go in March due to lack of business. “Yesterday’s show sold out in under a minute,” Dellaportas told CNN Business on Friday. “It was 815 spots. We’re selling tickets through our website.


This may not be a full on return of drive-in theaters. They thought is that once society returns to normal, they will probably dwindle as they did in the past. But for now, I am loving the idea of having them, and I’m so glad that people are able to have jobs due to them.


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