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You’ll Be Able To Drive Through The ‘Stranger Things’ Set This Fall and I’m Packing My Bags

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Are you a Stranger Things fan? I really thought the first few seasons have been great and my kids love the series too.

If you feel the same, you should know there is also a Stranger Things Drive Through Experience coming this fall!


Yes, you can get the Stranger things real-life experience thanks to a partnership between Netflix and the event platform called Fever and Secret Cinema. Fever and Secret Cinema is an immersive theater company.


Fever and Secret Cinema is well known for its recreations of famous sets.

They will be bringing locations from season 3 of Stranger Things to life with Stranger Things: The Drive-Into Experience in downtown L.A.! Dress for the part! Bring out the 80’s clothing and check out Hawkins!


As a visitor, you’ll be able to drive-thru the Starcourt Mall, the Upside Down, and the underground Russian lab! You can experience all of this, including actors, and audiovisual effects from your car!


You can already sign up on a waitlist! Ticket sales will open at 12PM PST on August 26th!

The tickets start at $59 and the experience is an hour-long. It’s about the same cost as a nice Haunted House!


You can get on the waitlist on the Stranger Things Drive-Into website. The experience is recommended for those that are 12 and older. Man, I wish I could go! I bet this will be a total blast!


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