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10 Creative, Cute, And Easy Ways To Display Your Christmas Cards

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I am a fan of the holidays for so many reasons, but one thing I LOVE is receiving all the Christmas cards.

It’s a bummer, though, when I don’t have a plan for them, and they end up sitting on my entryway table for weeks on end.

This year, I have decided to get organized and creative with my Christmas card display, and put them up as pretty decorations throughout the house.

There are so many ways I can choose to display the cards, and I love them all!

The trick will be choosing just one or two ways!!!

Side Note: For almost all these Christmas Card Displays, you will need clothespins. You can pick them up pretty cheap on Amazon HERE.


Check out these cool Christmas Card Organizational Display Ideas below

Kitchen Cabinet Christmas Card Display – Tape long, wide ribbon to the cabinets, decorate with wreaths (or big bows) at the top, display the cards with clothespins

Banister Christmas Card Display – Hang a string from one end of the banister to the other, decorate the ends with bows, hang the cards with clothespins.

Side Wall Christmas Card Display – Tape a long wide ribbon to the side of a wall, decorate with a big bow at the top, attach the Christmas cards with clothespins.

Framed Chicken Wire Christmas Card Display – Get a big old frame, nail chicken wire to the back, attach Christmas cards with clothespins. You can decorate the frame with bows, wreaths, or ornaments.

Staircase Garland Christmas Card Display – Run a long piece of garland up the rail of a banister on your staircase, attach Christmas cards with clothespins.

Garland Around A Window Christmas Card Display – Frame a long piece of garland around a window, and clothespin the Christmas cards to the greenery.

Ribbon Wrapped Door Christmas Card Display – Wrap ribbon around a door (like it’s a gift), and attach the Christmas cards with clothespins.

Coffee Table Christmas Card Display – Punch a hole in the upper left corner of all the cards, attach a ring binder clip to a stack of cards, display the Christmas cards on a coffee table — like a little book.

Christmas Tree Christmas Card Display – Simply place the Christmas cards in between the branches of your Christmas tree.

Curtain Light Christmas Card Display – Hang Curtain Lights on your wall, and attach the Christmas Cards with clothespins.

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