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This Fun Gel Was Made To Make Cleaning Your Keyboard and Other Items Easy

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Even as an adult I love playing with slime, and this looks just like slime… but you use it to clean!

Kimberly – Amazon Review

The keyboards on our home computers are always a mess, from dust, crumbs, and even dog hair… it’s there and it’s gross.


This gel cleaner can take care of all of that mess and I have got to order some today!

It’s less than $10 on Amazon so it’s totally affordable too (in fact at this moment it’s even on sale)!

The Cleaning Gel Universal Dust Cleaner is made by ColorCoral and it takes all of the work out of the job and it’s not just for keyboard cleaning either!


This is simple and convenient and can be used on so many things including:

  • PC/laptop keyboards
  • car vents
  • cameras
  • printers
  • telephones
  • calculators
  • instruments
  • speakers
  • air conditioners
  • TVs
  • other appliances

It’s made of biodegradable material and has a lemon fragrance.


It captures the dust, and it won’t stick to your fingers or leave a residue!

Here’s how to use the cleaning gel:


Make sure your hands are dry and clean, then take a piece of the cleaning gel, knead it into a ball.

Then press the cleaning gel slowly into the keyboard, car vent, or other rugged surfaces, and then pull it out.

The dust is then carried away with the cleaning gel!

You can get your own universal cleaning gel on Amazon!

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