Getting Ready for the Week…

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Well, it is Sunday night… I spent a couple hours making sure all the bills were up to date… checked in with all my appointments and I am ready to ROCK this week. I know, right? Why do I even talk?
My goals for this week are simple… DRINK MORE WATER and GET HALLE TO DRINK MORE WITH ME. It is like, I dunno currently 912 degrees outside in the shade, and apparently we aren’t looking at it to get any cooler!
All I know is this: Stay in the water people, stay in the water! That is what we have been doing. If we are outside, we are swimming. It is just too hot for anything else. My air conditioner isn’t keeping up, it is hot at the gym, and I am ready for it to get cool.
I can’t wait for those sweet spot days when the weather is perfect and we can go to the Pumpkin Patch! Fall is the best time of year. Everything is perfect. Summer kind of drifts away and school starts. Until then, I will sit here sweating my pants off. But trust me… I will be dreaming of fall!

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  1. I went to San Francisco last week. It averaged low 70’s. I hate them.

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