Got Flies? People Are Saying These Are The Best Fly Traps And I Agree

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If you’ve been outside BBQing this summer you might have noticed you can’t seem to get rid of the flies and trust me, I was right there with you.

So, if you’ve got flies, People Are Saying These Are The Best Fly Traps And I Agree. In fact, I have these fly traps right in my very own back yard…

The RESCUE Outdoor Non-Toxic Disposable Fly Traps are here to come to the rescue for those pesky flies!

These are so simple to use. Just add water to the bag, hang it and watch all your fly problems go away.

The bag has an attractant that only flies can smell and it makes them go into the bag but then they can’t get out causing them to drown in the water inside the bag.

Seriously, this thing works. We had a major fly problem in our backyard and hung these up in our trees and this is the actual photo from ours:

Yes, the black/dark parts you see in the bag, are the actual dead flies. Now we don’t have any major fly problems.

The only thing I will say is, you’ll want to get rid of these pretty regularly or as soon as they are full. I mean, these are dead flies and the smell of them in a bag, sitting in the hot sun all day, isn’t very pleasant.

But other than that, these truly do work. And the reviews on Amazon agree with me too:

You can snag these Fly Traps on Amazon and watch all your flies fade away!

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