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These Halloween Decorations Are So Scary That People Are Calling The Police

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If you take a trip to East Dallas, you may just find the coolest Halloween decorations ever! An artist by the name of Steven Novak went all out this year!

Photo Credit: Steven Novak

The blood and gore scene has even caused the police to visit his home multiple times! He posted an image from his home camera showing police on his porch near one of the bodies.

Photo Credit: Steven Novak

We’ve had some rainy days, so Steven has had to “water” the front walk and bodies with about 20 gallons of blood to keep up the look. In fact here is a fresh batch ready to go!

There are bodies on the roof, the porch, and the sidewalk! On the lawn there are garbage bags filled with human parts. Of course there is a ton of blood!

Photo Credit: Steven Novak

From the inside, there is a horde of zombies trying to claw their way out through the windows. The sounds of moans and groans can be heard. I love every single bit of it!

This is how you do Halloween! I’m even a little jealous! Maybe one day I can reach this level of Halloween decorating greatness!


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