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‘Harry Potter’ Has Been Removed Off Of Every Single Streaming Service

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It is a sad day for sure especially for all potterheads.

Warner Bros.

If you were planning on rewatching the Harry Potter movies over the weekend, you will have to make a change of plans.

Warner Bros.

‘Harry Potter’ Has Been Removed Off of Every Single Streaming Service and I am totally sad about it.

I grew up reading the books and loved the movies and a few months back I had my kids watch the movies in order and they loved them.

I am glad I did it before this happened because now if you want to watch them, you will have to either rent or buy the movies (if you don’t own them already).


Warner Bros.

Well, the movies have been moved to cable networks like FX and Syfy.

According to Screen Rant, NBCUniversal has the rights to the movies until the end of 2021 and they made the decision to move forward with removing the HP movies off streaming services.

So, for now, just stick to rent or buying them from places such as Amazon.

Warner Bros.

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