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The Internet Is Torn Over A Hat That Appears To Change Colors Right Before Your Eyes

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So as a photographer, I am well aware that lighting is super important.

But, when I watched this video of this girl’s hat appearing to be brown and then as she walked with it across the room it turned green I was so confused.

Not just a slight shade change either, it was a dark chocolate brown and went to a deep forest green.

oteliacarmen – TikTok

The video posted on TikTok by user oteliacarmen quickly went viral and has many people completely baffled.

Apparently, the first video she posted to TikTok of the hat people were accusing her of editing it.

oteliacarmen – TikTok

So in her second video to TikTok she showed herself moving the hat across the room from one light source to another.

She even handed the hat to one of her family members and she was completely shocked by what was happening before her eyes.

oteliacarmen – TikTok

What is happening? Do you have a different type of light bulb in these lamps? Do you?

The family member asked
oteliacarmen – TikTok

The change is obviously because of the change of the lighting source, it’s just crazy that a different bulb can create such a significant color change.

Check out the TikTok video here and see what everyone is talking about!

oteliacarmen – TikTok

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