Here’s a List of Grocery Stores Offering Special Shopping Hours

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Stores across the United States have followed pursuit and are now offering special shopping hours for elderly and even those that are immunocompromised. And we’ve got the list of stores currently participating!

Honestly, I think that this is such a beautiful thing. To truly be able to witness humanity coming together during a time of crisis. It’s nice to know that there are companies out there working for the greater good.

Now some of these grocery stores are operating different than others in regards to dedicated shopping hours. Whatever the case may be, we know that they all have the same goal, and that’s lending out a helping hand!

Here is a list of stores that are offering special hours for not only the elderly, but immune compromised and pregnant women as well:

Whole Foods




Stop and Shop

Dollar General



Sam’s Club


Fresh Market

Stater Bros. Markets

Keep in mind that grocery store hours vary with store locations, so make sure to check out your stores on specific shopping hours and closing times.

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