Here’s How To Properly Handle Your Face Mask Before and After Wearing It

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Now I totally understand you all must be overloaded with face mask information. However, you and I both know that this stuff is important and the more you know, the better you are at staying healthy!

And we want all of you to be informed in order to stay safe!

Now that we know how to make a face mask, what materials are the most effective and how to wear one, we’re missing out on one thing, and that’s how to properly handle it.

According to Adam Joseph from 6ABC, here are few pro tips on how to properly hold your face mask.

  1. Make sure to NEVER touch the exterior part of your mask (the part of the mask that is exposed outside)
  2. Always pick up your mask by the straps
  3. Lastly, when taking off your mask, always use the straps and place your face mask with the exterior section facing down on a surface that you won’t be touching.

And that’s it! Now you know how to hold your face mask when taking it on and off your face!

Make sure to handle your face mask with care and extra precaution along with continuously washing your hands!

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