I Might Be Watching Too Many True Crime Documentaries On Netflix And I Dare You To Prove My Theories Wrong

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Amanda Knox is completely innocent.

Michael Peterson is totally guilty.

Carole Baskin did it.

Courtesy of Netflix

Luka Magnotta is a psychopath.

I think John Demjanjuk was Ivan the Terrible!

And, maybe I’m watching too many true crime documentaries on Netflix.

Prove me wrong.

My husband and I have started this — slightly disturbing? — routine. We watch true crime shows, right before going to sleep for the night.

You KNOW our schedules are all off, because of this whole staying at home thing. We work and take naps during the day, and then the FUN starts about 11pm.

It all began with the Tiger King. If you haven’t seen it, I’m not even sure I can explain it to you. There is so much to this story. I mean, a homosexual polygamist, who owns a self-made zoo in Oklahoma, and moonlights as a would-be country singer, who Milli Vanilli’s the songs that aren’t even his, and he kind of runs a sort-of exotic animal cult, and — oh, yeah — he is sitting in jail, because he paid to have someone off his arch nemesis, Carole Baskin — who MAY have fed her missing husband to her tigers. It’s a wild ride.

When we finished watching Tiger King, we felt a little empty inside. So, we did what any normal people would do — we started to binge watch True Crime docuseries on Netflix and Amazon Prime, and now we are a bit obsessed.

OMG. If you haven’t seen Don’t F**k With Cats — OMG. It is a bit graphic and hard to watch — Luka Magnotta is PURE evil, personified — but it’s just about the CRAZIEST story EVER. It had me wondering at the end, Did This Really Happen? I had to spend hours Google searching the story — but, I mean, after watching it unfold, I wasn’t totally sure if it really happened. It feels WAY too insane to be real, and VERY creepy (I may never leave the house alone again). But, I assure you, it’s true. Luka Magnotta is a pure psychopath.


Then we watched The Staircase, which is the story of Michael Peterson, whose wife was found dead at the bottom of a staircase, where Mr. Peterson claims she tripped and fell. Y’all. She didn’t trip and fall. My favorite theory from the show — an owl did it. An owl.

Another hard one to watch was The Devil Next Door. It is the story of John Demjanjuk, who was a quiet family man, living a quiet family life, in quiet Ohio. And, Oh Yeah, he was probably Ivan the Terrible, who terrorized millions of Jewish people during World War II in the Nazi Death Camps. At first, you believe Mr. Demjanjuk is totally innocent of the crimes he was accused of — BUT, he was completely guilty.

Our latest foray into the world of True Crime, was the Amanda Knox story. You might remember, Amanda was an American exchange student, living in Italy, who was accused of killing her roommate — AND ‘Foxy Knoxy’ was supposedly some master sexual temptress, who planned some weird sexual ritual killing of said roommate. Y’all. This story will have you wondering if people are actually insane, and you just might become completely infuriated with the judicial system in Italy.


So, prove me wrong. Amanda Knox is completely innocent, Michael Peterson is totally guilty, Carole Baskin fed her husband to the tigers, Luka Magnotta is a psychopath, and John Demjanjuk was Ivan the Terrible.

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