Here’s The Real Reason Meghan & Harry Are Moving Away From Kate & Will

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You know the internet, one thing is talked about or posted, and it spreads like wildfire.

So much that people start to believe it and forget about any other reasonable explanation.

In this case, the internet started spreading rumors about why Meghan & Harry Are Moving Away From Kate & Will saying things such as they hate each other and it’s tearing the royal family apart.

However, a royal expert just dropped the The Real Reason Meghan & Harry Are Moving Away From Kate & Will and I can’t help but support their decision!

When Meghan and Harry decided to move away and request a new household move to Frogmore Cottage in Windsor, England the internet had a hay day thinking it was because the two royal couples didn’t get along.

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While it’s true the Queen approved this move, the reasoning is far different from the rumors.

Dickie Arbiter, Queen Elizabeth’s former press spokesman, just debunked those rumors in a recent interview.

“The reason [Harry and Meghan] are moving from Kensington Palace is the way they’re living at the moment is too small. There’s two bedrooms and a living room and a dining room downstairs. There’s no outside space and it’s just not big enough for a growing family.”

Dickie Arbiter to US Weekly

Um, hello that totally makes sense!

I can’t imagine living in a full-house with kids and all that commotion.

I mean, even a newlywed couple (without kids) wants some privacy so it really isn’t that far fetched.

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When Harry was single, he was okay with sharing his personal space but now that he has a family, it makes sense that he is growing up and wants his own space to spend with his growing family.

Any normal person, royalty or not, would want.

So, let’s just stop trying to tear the royal family apart and realize they are real human beings just like everyone else.

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