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You Can Get A Hocus Pocus Spirit Jersey To Wear During Your Glorious Mornings

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Although my children are always running amuck, amuck, amuck, I would LOVE to just curl up on the couch and watch some Hocus Pocus.


Unfortunately, that’s only an option once they go to bed (for now), but at least I’ll be prepared with this AMAZING spirit jersey in honor of the Sanderson Sisters!


I love how simplistic the front of this spirit jersey is, but the details in the back are what have me most exctied!


I LOVE this. Every little detail of it! I would wear this year round with no regrets!


I love the detailing both with the Sanderson Sisters and the astrological looking background It’s safe to say I’m in love!


If you want to get your hand on this amazing sweater, check this out on shopDisney! I’m guessing it won’t be around for long so hurry!


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