How a squat challenge is saving me

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A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned on Facebook that I wanted a juicy delicious peach. 🍑 

Peaches in Close-up Photography

I was talking about the fruit, but my friend Alice thought I was talking about my tuckus so she decided we need a squat challenge. And now, here we are seven days into something I never, ever thought I’d do. 

It all started innocently enough. Then I decided to do mine on camera. Why? I don’t really know. I think I just wanted the motivation of having to do them. 

Then others on Facebook started joining in. We started getting all these messages from people about how much the squat challenge has meant to them, how it’s gotten them off the couch, or how my comically bad squats are encouraging them to just do the exercises even if they’re bad. 

(I went back and forth trying to decide if I should share some of these screenshots or not but ultimately the private messages were meant for me, and that feels like a violation so you just have to take my word for it.) 

Slice of Ripe Apple

So in the last seven days, something really cool has happened. I feel like we’ve brought back that community that I used to love on Facebook. When we were all laughing together, chatting about life and things and just being US without the fear of everyone watching. 

I don’t know maybe that’s just me because I live my whole life online out here all the time and so when I’m going through hard stuff or I’m embarrassed by my current situation for whatever reason, I don’t share it as much because there are so many people just watching my every move. 

Yeah I did that to myself, but it’s still a thing that sometimes prevents me from really putting myself out there. 

Sliced Fruits on Tray

But for some reason, I decided to do just that with the squat challenge and it’s somehow working… my community, my circle, my village are all there ready to support me at doing bad squats while I work on picking up the fake napkin with my butt. 

They’re really here again. We are playing online together and this is the thing I needed right now. I’m about a month or so into my divorce, and some days are just easier than others. Those days rock— because some days are downright impossible. 

And now, on those days I have my squatty friends to help me from losing my mind. 

Because I think that’s what it really is all about, right? 

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