How do you wake up next to a new guy in the middle of night sweats? 

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I’m sitting with my pre-menopausal friends, and, as we do— we started talking about our biggest fear as single women in our forties. 

Legs on Bed

You’d think it’s our squishy bodies. Maybe it’s our lack of pop culture knowledge when it comes to all things mtv? But no… it’s the night sweats. 

You don’t believe me? Let me paint a scenario for you:

He’s so cute and perfect. You just spent the ultimate night together, he’s snuggled right next to you and there you are praying to the gods of estrogen and all that is hormonal to just please provide you with one night without a deluge pouring from your body. 

He snuggles in. You feel it coming on. It starts in your toes. Whyyyy are my toes so hot? 

If I could just get this one foot out of the covers? 

Oh god did he just put his leg over me? It’s so muscley and strong…. 

Wait? What is happening? Underboobs—Calm down. I don’t need to call any more attention to you. 

I could keep going but you get the idea. And if you’ve ever woken up in a pool of your own underboob sweat, then we are now sisters. 

Woman in White Dress Lying on Bed

It’s a real issue. But the thing is this-it is who we are now. This is just what our bodies are doing. And we can take supplements and hormones and exercise and do all the right things, but still our bodies have got to body and that’s that. 

So yeah, maybe our biggest fear is the peri-menopausal night sweats, but at least we are still getting out there. Right? 

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