How to Make The ‘Whipped Coffee’ Everyone Is Talking About Without Instant Coffee

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I am absolutely addicted to the creamy coffee fluff that is called Dalgona Coffee. The original recipe calls for instant coffee, but we have seen a lot of questions asking if it was possible to use brewed coffee.

So scouring the internet (which happens to be a major past time for me right now), I happened upon a lady that did some experimenting!

I’m going to tell you right now, this is a lot of work, however, if you want to try it and you do not have instant coffee then this is it! I mean, that is if you have time and nowhere to be (wink).

Her first try failed. She tried just using sugar and some strongly brewed coffee. It would not whip up.

So then she decided to cook the brewed coffee down with some sugar in a pan.

Simply Mamá Cooks

She cooked it down until quite a bit of the water evaporated and she was left with thick coffee syrup.

Simply Mamá Cooks

She then moved that coffee syrup to a glass bowl. Honestly right here I would have put it in a glass and use the hack for mixing Dalgona coffee.

Simply Mamá Cooks

She added a little more sugar, remember there was sugar in the mixture she cooked down so that she could make it a syrup.

Simply Mamá Cooks

Then it is whisk time! Like I said, the hack I mentioned above will make this part go MUCH faster!

Simply Mamá Cooks

Whip until you get a light color and a whipped fluffy mixture. Now, this doesn’t get to be quite as fluffy, but honestly, we never whip ours all of the way anyhow.

Simply Mamá Cooks

Fill a glass with ice and milk of your choice. We use coconut milk! Spoon your whipped coffee on top!

Simply Mamá Cooks

Mix it in and drink it up! Watch her video for the step by step process and her fails as well to see how it all turned out!

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