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IKEA Is Selling Chocolate Easter Bunnies That You Have To Assemble

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Ikea is selling these awesome chocolate bunnies for Easter, and I really can’t wait to go pick a few up!


I really love losing an entire day walking around Ikea, eating Swedish meatballs and pretending I live in all their furniture displays!

But what I don’t love is putting together those Ikea bookcases and end tables that I always talk myself into buying.

Why don’t I love it? They are big and bulky, they have eleventy hundred screws, and quite honestly, I suck at it.

BUT, I will totally love putting together these chocolate bunnies!



Yes!! I said ‘Putting Together These Bunnies!’ You get to assemble them before you eat them.

Go ahead, play with your food! That’s what this certified sustainable chocolate bunny is for.


I bet these chocolate bunnies are all kinds of yummy fun!

It’s easily assembled, only three parts. And when you’re finished playing, we bet you’ll enjoy eating it, too.


Each bunny is 3 ounces of tasty chocolate, and will only cost you $4.99!


It doesn’t get much better than that!! I bet they will be the hit of the Easter basket.

Now, these bunny building kits are only available inside Ikea stores — they can’t be shipped.


But, don’t worry. If you don’t have a chance to make it to Ikea before Easter, you have some choices.

Amazon has some great chocolate bunny choices that may not be as FUN as the Ikea bunnies, but they are definitely just as tasty!


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