Apparently Kanye West Drives a $400K Minivan and It Is The Ultimate Dad Mobile

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Mom vans. Dad Vans. You get it if you have multiple kids.


While I am not a fan of vans at all, I have to admit, this minivan that Kanye West Drives is pretty awesome.


Apparently Kanye West Drives a $400K Minivan and It Is The Ultimate ‘Dad Van’. All I can think is, I sure hope his kids don’t spill Goldish all over it ha!

According to TMZ, Kanye West has been spotted whipping around L.A. in a custom luxury Mercedes-Benz van.

And if you thought it wasn’t luxurious or stylish, think again… It is filled with swivel seats, custom speakers and even TVs that would make you want to live there.


Oh and it cost $400,000 so there’s that. Yes, I know that is the price of a house.

This custom van was made and sold exclusively by RD Whittington, owner of Wires Only in L.A. and Miami.

Kanye’s version is called Executive Style which seats 7.

This style typically comes with blue seats but Kanye’s is custom with red seats. Overall, if you are going to drive a van, this is the way to do it in style. Ha!

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