Need To Get A Laugh Over The Horrible Year We’ve Had? Watch This New Netflix Film!

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Ah 2020, the year of…well…a lot. I don’t even know where to start. Until recently, I had even forgotten about Tiger King, which I thought could never be removed from my brain!


It has been said that this year is going to go down in history. Many books and movies will be made explaining 2020 to our later generations. So I wasn’t expecting to already see a 2020 “documentary” pop up on Netflix!


Note the quotation marks on documentary…because that’s what I thought it was. In a sense, yes, it shows up what happened to us in 2020. But it had the biggest comedy twist that left me laughing almost the entire time!


This is the comedic relief we need after the year we have had. Everything and everyone gets made fun of in a witty and tastelessly funny way! Ten minutes in, I was calling my husband, telling him to watch it!


From the Coronavirus to Karens, this film covers everything that has embodied our year. It was the film I didn’t know I needed to watch, but I’m very glad I did.


I feel like this film is the perfect countdown to the end of this year. Be sure to get a look at it before the clock strikes midnight and we see what new future beholds us.


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